CxT Architects Inc. has confidently established its reputation as a firm with strong problem solving skills, excellence in design, attention to detailing, and technical execution, as well as leadership in contract administration. Throughout its nearly thirty-year history, the firm has consistently produced high quality architecture that responds to the specific needs of clients through construction delivery modes including design-build and construction management.

Philosophy & Process

Guided by the spirit of modernism, we are committed to developing creative solutions that will enhance and reinforce your business objectives.

Design however, is only one of the firm's strengths. A well-orchestrated effort from a team of designers, technicians, managers and a host of other specialists is the key to creating successful architecture. CXT Architects Inc. is an environment where these specialists, each with highly tuned skills, are organized to create an integrated architectural team. Within this synchronized effort, the production team, aided by the use of BIM software and strong management skills, continues this commitment through to project completion.

"Guided by the spirit of modernism..."



Beauchamps Mews Beauchamps Mews
Beauchamps Mews Boutique Hotel
Landmark Mall Landmark Mall
Planet Bowl Planet Bowl
Richlane LAvenue des Bistros Richlane LAvenue des Bistros
Dingshanhu Entertainment District Dingshanhu Entertainment District
Globe Outlet Mall Globe Outlet Mall
Jiangyin Boutique Hotel Jiangyin Boutique Hotel
Tea Village Tea Village
Vancouver Forest Park Vancouver Forest Park
Yingtianhe Yingtianhe
Yushanwan City Room Yushanwan City Room
Chinese Cultural Centre Chinese Cultural Centre
Kitchener City Hall Kitchener City Hall
Markham Free Methodist Church Markham Free Methodist Church
Peoples Christian Academy Peoples Christian Academy
Place Jacques-Cartier Place Jacques-Cartier
Richmond Hill Free Methodist Church Richmond Hill Free Methodist Church
The Peoples Church The Peoples Church
Toronto Emmanuel Church Toronto Emmanuel Church
Beijing Conference Beijing Conference Centre
China Mobile Data Centers China Mobile Data Centers
Jiangyin Civic Centre Jiangyin Civic Centre
Jiangyin Exhibition Centre Jiangyin Exhibition Centre
Kaohsiung Ferry Terminal Kaohsiung Ferry Terminal
Gingko Biloba Manor Gingko Biloba Manor
Minyoun Yibin Sanjiangkou Minyoun Yibin Sanjiangkou
Yunnan Tuodong Sports Centre Yunnan Tuodong Sports Centre
The Living Fabric Park-Nanjing The Living Fabric Park-Nanjing
Three Reflections on Xicheng Three Reflections on Xicheng
Two Mountain Two Mountain
Jiangyin Forest Park Jiangyin Forest Park
25 Glen Watford 25 Glen Watford
Hwy 7 and Warden Hwy 7 and Warden
Kernciffe Heights Kernciffe Heights
SJMC Phase 1 SJMC Phase 1
SJMC Phase 2 SJMC Phase 2
Yee Hong Yee Hong
Yee Hong Chaozun Fu-Shantou Residence
Vancouver Forest Model Homes Vancouver Forest Model Homes
Yunxi Valley Yunxi Valley


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