Patrick T.Y. Chan


Patrick was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in 1969. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1976 with degrees in Environmental Studies and Architecture. In 1983, he founded the firm Patrick T.Y. Chan Architect and found voice for an architectural vision grounded in modernism but also imbued with his cultural heritage. Patrick’s unique cultural sensibility affords him a deep understanding of Chinese traditions, landscape and the Chinese arts. Patrick is fluent in the written and spoken languages of English and Cantonese while also
possessing a good understanding of Mandarin.

Patrick’s interest in urban geography informs the vital nature of his design. He has been partner-in-charge of many visionary urban design and master plan schemes. He has found great success in his practice, winning prestigious local and international competitions. His skill as a consensus builder among city administrators, planners and municipal councilors has directly contributed to many successful projects.

President - Patrick Chan

Having been raised by his grandmother, Patrick has deep filial affinity for organizations providing care to seniors. He became involved with Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care since 1999 when they planned a campus for senior living in Toronto. The Scarborough-Finch Centre as laid out by CXT embodies a philosophy that supports seniors in all stages of health care from independent living suites, to assisted living units, to long-term care units, and finally to residential hospice. The goal is to ease transition through these phases within the same supportive community that provides culturally appropriate services in a holistic manner.

Patrick was the partner-in-charge for the award winning Yushanwan New Town master plan in China. Locally, he is shepherding the St. John’s McNicoll Centre master-plan now in the third phase of a mixed used development of 361 senior life lease units with a community centre, a place of worship and a retirement home with commercial facilities. He is also advising on the planned establishment of a large commercial development on the edge of Toronto. As senior partner, Patrick is leading the firm to new strength with several high profile developments in China and exciting projects in Toronto.