Huairou Forest Hotel and Conference Centre

Beijing, China, 2012
Gross Floor Area: 28,447 m²

The design is a system that acts as a leaf to channel the exchange of energy between man and nature. This strategy is adaptable to change and anticipates the future growth pattern on the landscape. The branching system ensures sustainability by controlling the integrated flows of road and pathways, lanes, servicing, forest irrigation, grey water treatment, and conduits through the site. This matrix accommodates human use in a sustainable way that looks forward to the flourishing of the centre.

The disposition of the architecture is consciously horizontal in order to prioritize mountain views and immersion in the woods. Both the experiences outdoors and within the building enclosure will provide a feeling of harmony with nature. The transparent skin of the buildings connects man and the elements. It inspires inner contemplation. The roofs of the main cluster of conference facilities mimics the mountainous forms. They are composed of grey tiles which contrast the vertical white bark of the encircling poplar trees.

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