Vintage Garden II (SJMC)

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Toronto, ON, Canada
Occupied 2020

Vintage Garden II is 14 storeys high and holds 177 life lease units and generous residential amenities including dining room, library, small gym, and ping pong room. The project was completed in spite of very tight market conditions and the challenges brought upon by the pandemic such as cancellation of site review by city inspectors. Understanding the negative financial impact of project delay on SJMC, the CXT team stepped up and conducted inspection with detailed reports to ensure work is not delayed by the city.

The interior design echoes the same approach of Vintage Garden I. The ground floor features double-height custom wallpaper with plum flower motif and custom carpet with brushed stroke pattern. These reinforce the modern translation of eastern aesthetic and feature prominently throughout the common area.

This constitutes Phase 2 in the St. John’s McNicoll Centre masterplan, also designed by CXT Architects.

For more information about CXT’s master plan for St. John’s McNicoll Centre click here.

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All photos by Kerun Ip