St. John’s McNicoll Centre (Master Plan)

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Toronto, ON, Canada
Site Area: 5.83 Acres

This urban intensification project replaces the under-utilised parking lot of an existing long-term care centre with a multi-use community geared for seniors. The master plan includes a church, medical offices, commercial space, a community centre, and two senior housing buildings with a combined total of 578 units.

The church and chapel form the focal point of the development. The client’s vision, however, extends beyond this single component to encompass a continuum of care for the residents and for members of the congregation. It aspires to address their needs beyond those of the spiritual realm. The integration of program elements such as personal services, small retail and restaurant, as well as a community centre and gymnasium, will enable this community to flourish. The incorporation of extensive landscape amenities and carefully oriented programmatic elements promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for community centre users, church congregants, and senior residents alike.

CXT Architects successfully delivered OPA and RZA (OMB) approval for this master plan and continued to design and administrate the construction of each building. Please click on the links below for more photos and information:

Vintage Garden I (residential)

Vintage Garden II (residential)

Toronto Emmanuel Church

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Photo by Kerun Ip