Vintage Garden I (SJMC)

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Toronto, ON, Canada
Occupied 2015

Vintage Garden I is 12 storeys high and holds 184 life lease senior apartments, community centre, dining hall, and residential amenities. The chinese Wu Xing Five Elements philosophy is integrated in the design of the ground floor amenity spaces. The use of wood screens, a double sided fireplace, stone slab on feature walls, decorative steel art, and water feature are all carefully choreographed into a whole experience. SJMC offers many programs in the community centre including choir, a variety of classes, Tai Chi, and more.

This was part of Phase 1 in the St. John’s McNicoll Centre masterplan, also designed by CXT Architects.

For more information about CXT’s master plan for St. John’s McNicoll Centre click here.

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All photos by Kerun Ip