Toronto Emmanuel Church at St. John’s McNicoll Centre

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Scarborough, ON, Canada
Gross Floor Area: 1,768m²
Occupied 2015

The church was designed to be the center of the St. John’s McNicoll Centre which offers continuum of care housing for seniors. The classrooms and chapel also serve as community space for the residents on weekdays when they are not in use by church members. The outdoor landscaped garden, with bench seating and walkways, provides ample opportunity for social interaction as well as personal contemplation. This ensures that the church makes a place where seniors can experience the fellowship of believers and where their spiritual well being is nurtured.

The church has a built out area of 18,500 square feet and was planned to be built in two phases. Phase 1, consisting of a 100 seats Chapel, offices, kitchen and community rooms, was completed in 2015 on budget and on schedule. The building was designed to allow for Phase 2 work, consisting of 300 seats Sanctuary, to be done with minimal interference to the completed section of the work.

For more information about CXT’s master plan for St. John’s McNicoll Centre click here.

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All photos by Kerun Ip