Yee Hong Centre For Geriatric Care Finch (Master Plan)

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Toronto, ON, Canada

CXT developed a land use study and master plan to incorporate various types of residential buildings, commercial retail office buildings, and senior long-term care facilities. Building types with varying heights and orientation were strategically located to acoustically buffer the
recreational landscape areas from the adjacent railway marshaling yard.

The Yee Hong Corporate Centre consists of the organization’s head office, a multi-purpose auditorium, a physical wellness club, a long term care facility, and a palliative care centre. Courtyards and open landscaped spaces anchor the place and serve to mediate the scale of the disparate components of the Corporate Centre. Brick, floating planes of stucco, glazing, metal and stone are used in a contemporary style with a cultural sensibility that suits clients and residents alike.

CXT Architects successfully delivered OPA and RZA (OMB) approval for this master plan and continued to design and administrate the construction of the 2 residential buildings – Garden Terrace 1 & 2. For more information on Garden Terrace please click here.

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Photo by Kerun Ip