Dan Teh


Dan was born and raised in Malaysia and is a principal of CXT Architects Inc. He has over 33 years of experience in serving clients from the residential, commercial, institutional, municipal and non-profit sectors. With an understanding of the multicultural values of the ethnic groups of Southeast Asia and an appreciation of the rich Chinese heritage and culture, Dan has led CXT to compete in many international urban planning competitions, often against some of the best firms in the world. He is an exciting collaborator who plays key roles in joint
venture projects, both locally and internationally. His knowledge of development and construction, combined with his strength as a skilled designer makes him a valuable contributor to our clients.

Vice President - Dan Teh

The pursuit of simplicity and meaning draws him to projects with strong social and cultural values that impact the community. His interest in sustainable design grew when working on large scale projects in China. It taught him the importance of making good design decisions that will have lasting impact. He was able to implement low-cost and high yield measures such as promoting natural ventilation, incorporating natural drainage and extensive use of bio-swales and retention ponds, removing extensive networks of servicing pipes, and utilizing solar powered low level lighting in public parks.   

Bridging the gap between east and west, and understanding the importance of culture and landscape in building design are principles that inform his work for the senior retirement projects and apparent in the recently completed St. John’s McNicoll Centre–Vintage Garden Phases 1 and 2. Dan was involved in the design of Yee Hong Finch master planned campus and followed through to the construction of the Yee Hong Garden Terrace Phase 1 and 2 in Toronto. The campus represented the Yee Hong founder’s vision to build a complete continuum of care campus which will bring to together long term care, assisted living and independent living in one centralized location. He is currently working with Yee Hong Senior Living on another continuum of care campus in Mississauga.