Chaozun Fu- Shantou Residence (Competition)

Shantou, Guangdong, China | 2013

Shantou is an ancient commercial port, of significant importance to trade with the West, famed for its rich Chinese culture and deep historical roots. The Chaozun Fu project is located along the Xinjin River in central Shantou. This advantageous location, adjacent to the river, defines the site's unique urban landscape and informs the ecologically sensitive design.

The development of the master plan considers the position of the project in the Jingping Longhu international commercial district. Together, this area and a waterfront focused zone form the central business district. The new waterfront blocks of Chaozun Fu connect to the CBD via the retail-oriented Changping East Road and Jinsha East Road lined with commercial office properties.

CXT took inspiration from the context and formal figure-ground pattern of old Shantou. We instituted a pleasant street scale in Chaozun Fu by integrating residential uses with landscape elements which take cues from the traditional juxtaposition of fields and ponds in local agriculture. The result is a dynamic waterfront development in the heart of Shantou.