Kerncliffe Heights

Watertown, Canada | 2010

Kerncliffe Heights was designed as an adult lifestyle development providing comprehensive age in-place facilities that consist of freehold luxury townhomes and bungalows, life-lease Independent living units, a retirement home with communal dining facilities, long term care facilities for the Dutch community, a community center and a small retail building that provides daily convenience to the residents. We envision a unique development that is culturally and age appropriate, organised around a new urbanism planning framework that is simultaneously urban and rustic as a result of the unique natural surroundings.

The master plan features a centralized community garden that draws from Dutch heritage, scenery and landscape garden design. The southern portion of the property, south of Salem Boulevard, will be retained primarily as a natural wildlife habitat to include a storm-water retention pond. A small cluster of luxury townhomes will be severed and sold to raise funds to build the new amenity buildings for the residents.