Yunnan Tuodong Sports Centre Comprehensive Renovation Project (Competition)

Yunnan, China | 2013 - Ongoing

The prefecture of Kunming has a rich heritage from both it's cultural history and its geographical location. The development at the Tuodong Sports Complex will both reconnect to the city's heritage and renew its relationship to the surrounding environment. The city's inherent strengths will drive the design, evoking an atmosphere to inspire commercial growth and viability.

The site is envisioned as a 'Garden in the City', responding to both the climate and the horticultural diversity of the region and city. By introducing various types of parks and gardens within the site, an 'Urban Garden' will be created. Terraced gardens climbing up the building recall the green slopes of the neighboring mountains. It all culminates on the rooftop with a panoramic mountaintop garden. It will be a means to reconnect to the natural world that came to define Kunming. The revitalization of the Jinzhi River will direct the development of the site. By removing structures built over the river, creating a solid bank edge and establishing a park along its length, the Jinzhi will be renewed within the site. Pavilions will engage the river while pedestrian walkways will follow alongside it, with intermittent bridges providing access across the river. These parks and gardens will evoke images of bridges over sparkling streams and willow trees swaying in the wind.