Three Reflections on Xicheng

Jiangyin, China | 2009

Our approach to the Xicheng Canal considers many of the forces and issues associated with reinvigorating a highly trafficked industrial canal and transforming it into a landmark destination where global, regional and local people come to live, work, and play. As the traditional Chinese house is layered into three progressive spaces, so too have we ordered the spaces on the Xicheng Canal. The Tang Dynasty poet, Wang Chang Ling, similarly described three realms of poetry. We take our inspiration from his descriptions of these realms: the Forecourt, Central Courtyard, and Inner Garden.

Jiangyin is a city brimming with potential that will reach new heights of success when able to draw upon the three aspects of substance, emotion, and intention. The structure of this trinity is borne out in the master plan for the Three Reflections on Xicheng, a connecting canal that reflects the past, expresses our present, and projects a vibrant future.