The Living Fabric Park - Nanjing

Nanjing, China | 2001

As one of the oldest dynastic capital cities in China, Nanjing has a rich tradition in the art of silk weaving. This new linear park was designed like a piece of silk fabric stretched over the 18 kilometres of waterfront site.

This park was conceived as an iconic amenity resulting from weaving the old and new, the past and future, and the natural and artificial, by bringing the city to the river. The ecological strategy for the park is diversity and interconnection. The design established a logical and rational foil to the adjacent built context and a respite from the bustling activity of urban life. The ten finger-like piers of various uses interact with the river perpendicularly. These structures create an order within the park and establish a framework for the development of over 100 finely textured parks for this upcoming new town.