Minyoun Yibin Sanjiangkou

Yibin, Sichuan | 2014

CXT + WZMH (Finalist)

The convergence of the Min and Jinsha Rivers suggests a raucous tumbling union, an unceasing force on an ever-changing landscape. We see the melodious counterpoint to the energetic splashing junction in timeless permanence, like immovable rocks in the face of a mountain stream, as in the Chinese allusion: 中流砥柱.

The opposing tensions of timeless strength and stability within a constantly transforming environment underlies our masterplan concept. We explore the diverse flow of commerce, ever-changing, ever-evolving, as it courses through this place.

The flow of water through a site evokes the movement of wealth and prosperity in Chinese geomancy. The design of two commercial blocks on Parcels 1 and 2 reinforces this notion by channeling flow through a series of unique spatial experiences, views, and shopping themes through three different branching paths.