Gingko Biloba Manor

Chengdu, China | 2009

The design of the Chengdu Agricultural Community returns at its most basic to the five elements which give life and seek balance with each other.

The life giving circle begins with water which gives birth to and nourishes wood. Wood burns and becomes fire whose ashes return to earth. Earth begets metal and where metal is found, so too is sourced underground water. Thus the circle is completed.

Water: Life is brought to the site in water that enters on the northern edge and brings with it visitors through the northern gateway to the community. Wood: Wood represents the living organisms that are cultivated within the community. As visitors fan out from the hotel, they will encounter a multitude of crops grown by residents. Fire: Fire is a creative force and it is in the fire quadrant where the southern gateway is located to draw more visitors into the community. Earth: At the core of the community we find the life-giving element earth which nurtures the dense and naturally tangled wood that shelters the primary water reservoir. The trees find more rigorous order and pruning as they radiate into orchards that ring the natural wood. Metal: The retail component is aptly sited to capitalize on the precious metal elemental force.