Kaohsiung Ferry Terminal

Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 2010

In joint venture with Jet Architecture

This scheme was part of an international design competition and was one of the five short-listed projects among other internationally recognized firms.

The tectonic articulation of Openair, the ferry and cruise ship terminal, is inspired by its maritime setting and the anticipation that accompanies the arrival of ships from distant shores, as they rise over the far horizon and draw to port in a new land. The aesthetic expression recalls the contrast of a starkly outlined hull against a wide sky and rolling seas.

The sculptural form of the building receives inspiration from the art and design of ship building ingrained in the city. While conjuring the romantic allure of sea voyages, the design draws deeply from the city's heritage. We envision a building which can be of no other ancestry than of being "made in Kaohsiung", for its form so evidently draws on the singular geographic context. The white curved steel of the solid surfaces, austerely etched against the backdrop of sea and sky, informs the spatial experience of the building in both the exterior public realm as well as within the internal volumes.