Jiangyin Exhibition Centre

Jiangyin, China | 2008 – 2010

One of the most visible characteristics of Yushanwan Dingshanhu Lake District are the heavy marks left from past quarrying activities on the steep stone faces of Bachishan. Rather than try to erase the past, our design vision seeks to embrace this past by proposing that the combined site of the exhibition hall and the hospital be designated a heritage site and that all parts of the remaining mountain be preserved for the future generations. We recognized that the combination of industrial scar and nature can result in an experience rich with memories, association, and feelings.

The tall undulating curtain wall of the pre-function hall recalls the contour lines of the surrounding land form, while visually filling the void, and extends the sightlines and contour to the south hill. The protruding snout at the prime corner, which resembles the various protrusions of the mountain, heightens the perspective effect while emphasizing its function as a main entrance from the west side of the building.

Project Gross Area: 50,000m2 (538,200ft2)