Jiangyin Civic Center

Jiangyin, China | 2013 – Ongoing

The master plan design draws from the unique context of the site, situated at one of the main entrance into the city from the south. The site is highly visible from major routes such as Huang Shan Lu to the west, Ren Min Dong Lu to the south and Cheng Zhang Gong Lu to the east. The northern edge is characterised by a highly ordered residential fabric with views overlooking the site.

As such, the master plan is designed to be perceived from different vantage points, from the elevated highways, the residential development and school to the north and pedestrian traffic traversing through Xu Xia Ke Park to the south. The plan consists of three blocks- Office quadrangle to the west, Customer Service Center to the east and the Cafeteria and parking structure extending to the north.

The master plan recognises the site as a transition between city urban fabric and the extensive surrounding green parkland. This is clearly articulated in the highly ordered elevations and the campus quadrangle plan of the west block, facing Huang Shan Lu.