China Mobile Data Centers

Harbin & Hohhot, China | 2012

The four Chinese characters "中国移动," which appear on the screens of billions of cell phones around the world, when translated to English literally means China on the move. This name conjures a literal vision of" China on the move" and that China Mobile's ambitions are aligned with the rise of the country as a whole. While China assumes the mantle of global leader, China Mobile will seek to consolidate its leadership role in the telecommunications industry. While China promotes new ideas within the international community, China Mobile innovates and spreads its flourishing corporate culture and ambitious success to all corners of the nation. This new identity, when combined with the idea of connectivity and convergence, give rise to our master plan concept for both sites.

The Campus: The campus master plan which employs a pure circle, anchoring a composition of linear curved lines, is informed by the company's logo of connectivity within a circle. The expanding lines, emanating from the center, suggest an unstoppable outward growth that is ever expanding. While the circle provides a clear organising order, the outward radiating lines are more organic and unpredictable. When superimposed against another, these expanding and converging lines translate into delightful spaces, to be occupied and experienced, when traversing through the campus plan.