Peoples Christian Academy

Markham, Canada | 2009 - Ongoing

The design involves converting an existing 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility into a private school with daycare, elementary, middle and high school education facilities for over 720 students. The building will become home to a private school with over 40 years of history in providing Christian education yearly to 750+ students. The change to convert the structure from industrial to school use required approval from the Ontario Municipal Board. The driveway has been routed to the rear of the site to complete a vehicular loop for easy pick-up and drop-off, and to minimise the traffic impact on the public street during peak hours. Many aspects of the industrial character of the existing building have been maintained. The precast walls have been adapted to include punched windows to as many classrooms as possible while the interior of the school is guided by a theme of "intervention where necessary" due to tight budget constraints. Dropped ceilings are limited to areas of the building requiring sound attenuation but elsewhere the steel structure is exposed to maintain the high ceiling space. The well maintained epoxy flooring has been retained throughout where remnants of mounting bolts and painted outlines hint at the earlier history within the new premise.