Chinese Cultural Centre

Toronto, Canada | 1998

In joint venture with Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

This complex is a civic building housing a community library branch, a recreation centre and the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. Programme elements surround an octagonal entrance court which also serves as the gateway to a traditional Chinese Garden in Phase 2. The project involved master planning a future performance theatre and an elementary school for the Metro Separate School Board.

The library is noteworthy for a mix of material and architectural features. In 1999, the Ontario Library Association bestowed its 1999 Library Building Award for a "Library as Part of a Community Centre" to the Burrows Hall Public Library Branch within this development.

Occupying the northeast quadrant of the conceptual nine-square grid, the Hall becomes a backdrop to, and buffer from, the main road for the future Traditional Chinese Garden. The building is linked physically and symbolically to the existing Cultural Centre and is the culmination of a pedestrian sequence through varied exterior and interior spaces from the Festival Court to the Festival Hall and on to the proposed interior Lobby Court connecting the Multi-Purpose Hall and the existing building.

Project Gross Area: 4,755m2