Tea Village + Linear Garden

Jiangyin, China | 2008 – 2011

This urban composition consisting of two distinct geometric plans is situated in the long and narrow Willow Park, one of a series of parks surrounding Dingshan Lake. This complex of buildings marks the mid-point within the park and terminates the axis of one of the north-south arterial road which connects the upper level mountain road to the lake.

Along the entire width of the northern boundary, the standard separation between public sidewalk, the vehicular realm and the park, is dissolved in favor of a uniformly paved stone plaza. A low garden wall and a reflecting pool define the edge and threshold to the courtyard. This semi-public realm functions as a passenger drop-off area with short-term parking and is sparsely populated with mature white pines which have been selected for their sculptural forms and are strategically placed to contrast against the white walls of the buildings.