Yushanwan Club House

Jiangyin, China | 2007 - 2009

This 7,300 square meter centre for a new town consists of offices, training and meeting rooms, an exhibition hall, auditorium, recreation facilities, restaurants and 12 deluxe hotel suites for visiting delegations.

Situated at the main entrance to the park, the Centre functions as a point of information regarding the overall development; a welcoming centre as well as a showcase for various sustainable strategies in park design, housing design and public space design.

The long sweeping form of the building rising from the ground, contrasted against the hovering canopy over the main entrance and exhibition hall creates a distinctive silhouette against the vast backdrop of the surrounding mountain. This pavilion in the landscape was designed to be light and transparent, seemingly afloat on water. When seen from the park, the glass surfaces reflect the water and park setting, helping it blend into the landscape. The deliberate horizontal lines of the sloping roof and canopy provide deep shadow relief against the rigorous vertical expression of the curtain wall mullions.