Globe Outlet Mall

Fuzhou, China | 2010 - 2012

The project is part of a larger comprehensive master plan which addresses the City of Fuzhou's growth plan to introduce economically sustainable development along the Wulong Jiang River. This site plan which consists of 235,000 square meters, or over 2.5 million square feet, of retail spaces is one of the largest outlet malls that will be managed by an American operator with access to major global brands. It will become the largest mall of its kind in China. This development is the first prototype for the developer and will serve as a pilot project for other cities across China.

The Mediterranean-style design, reminiscent of the North American model, incorporates the large format requirements of the global brands with the shallower retail depth preferred by the local market. These large blocks with courtyards are organised along multiple pedestrian avenues which are fashioned after European streets. Each quadrant and its routes are themed to provide distinct visual identity and to facilitate easy orientation for visitors. Secondary cross-over routes allow shoppers to seamlessly transfer between themed areas and provide easy access an internal shuttle bus route through the development. An elongated elliptical island features prominently within the loop and functions as a green oasis for passive activity and as a food and beverage node.