Dingshanhu Lakefront Entertainment District/Bar Street

Jiangyin, China | 2008 - 2011

The seemingly fragmented figure ground of this district consists of a series of commercial buildings set on a peninsula. These buildings are like beads reflecting the lake like jewels strung along the water's edge.

The buildings are located to terminate long views originating in the parkland at the south entrance to the district, as well as to animate and create focal points of interest and pause for visitors. Small scale public squares, defined by the non-parallel planes of the fragmented figure ground, assign a human pedestrian scale to the four principal building blocks. These public spaces form informal outdoor seating areas, which enrich the public realm, at the pivot joints where the buildings bend to respond to the various axes within the landscape.

Architectural elements such as feature stairs, interconnecting pedestrian bridges and various types of commercial displays are carefully choreographed to form many delightful experiences within the Lakefront Entertainment District.

Project Gross Area: 25,222m2 (271,490 ft2)