Landmark Mall

Toronto, Canada | 2010 - 2012

This project of 400,000 square feet in built-out area, with over 1,000 one-of-a-kind retail units, represents a new type of destination shopping experience to redefine the commercial landscape within the Greater Toronto Area. The Landmark Mall, sited within the City of Toronto and bordering the Town of Markham, is uniquely placed to capture the dynamic multi-cultural demographic of both cities.

The building is 278 metres in length and is organised along a simple north-south structural grid. The structure extends two levels above grade to accommodate the retail format plan and one level below grade for underground parking. On the south side, a suspended pre-cast parking deck structure is connected to the main building by three pedestrian bridges at the second level.

The tenant spaces are organised around three nodes which are formally expressed by inter-connected floors with long span roofs and which are illuminated by encircling clerestory windows permitting daylight to penetrate deep within the building. The three nodes form an integral part of the larger way-finding idea within the project.